31 states. In Mexico, state police forces are responsible for preventing and investigating the cases unrelated to drugs, organized crime and weapons, and President Felipe Caldero.

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rs were dispatched to the scene to help the victims while traffic has been suspended along the roadway to facilitate rescue efforts and tow away the wreckage. He said that the woun.

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istry (SSP) said in a statement. The statement said Rejon, 35, joined the Mexican military in 1993, but deserted in 1999 to join other soldiers providing security services for the.

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On Sept. 20, the Bush administration published its initial National Security Strategy, which for the first time formally proposed a "pre-emption doctrine" to combat terrorists and.

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pplication volume, dropped 14.9 percent for the week ended Oct. 14, which included the Columbus Day holiday, on a seasonally adjusted basis from the previous week. The seasonally .

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rcent to 40.75 Canadian dollars. The gold sector also turned negative as bullion prices lost early momentum and the April contract faded 13.90 U.S. dollars to 1,743.50 U.S. dollar .

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y are satisfied with this aspect of their healthcare experience, compared with 61 percent among the general population of those with insurance, according to Gallup. To some degree,.

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tected," said Lebel. " These measures will empower and better protect consumers while ensuring that Canadian businesses can continue to compete in the global marketplace." To addre.

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r that forms a border between both countries. The Costa Rican authorities said they intended to take "short-, medium- and long-term measures in the area," which is an ecological pr.

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